Why Jute?

When the idea came about to create a solution for single use plastic shopping bags and keep our Fash-on it didn’t take long to decide on the best natural fabric.


Its pretty amazing as far as natural fibre goes – it breathes, is sustainable, dries quickly and isn’t expensive! That’s probably too much excitement for a plant vegetable, but it isn’t known as the ‘Golden Fibre’ for nothing!

Jute does not require chemical pesticides in order to grow and thrive (that alone is a good reason to invest in a Cutie Jutie bag!), it uses less water than Cotton crops and replenishes within 4-6 months.

Jute would have to be one of the most ecological materials on Earth.


Natural UV protection that removes the need for fertiliser or pesticide AND it enhances the soil fertility for future crops

Biodegradable AND recyclable

Absorbs carbon dioxide AND releases oxygen like its cousin the tree, only much faster

Invest in our planet here: 


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