Why buy a Cutie Jutie Jute shopping bag?

Digitally printed Jute
So how are we different from other Sustainable Jute bag companies?

Cutie Jutie’s jute shopping bags are printed digitally, not by traditional jute textile printing methods. Traditionally, Jute was printed by screen with a general limit of 4 colours, and using toxic chemical dyes which resulted in environmental waste product.

What does this mean?

Digital printing creates less waste product, meaning there is no water waste or noxious chemicals released into our atmosphere. Digital printing offers an efficient and environmentally friendly option of applying the colours and patterns we choose for our jute shopping bags. As at 2018, 40 billion litres of water were saved worldwide by printing digitally on textiles. That is worth the investment!

To purchase one of our environmentally friendly jute shopping bags, head to our shop


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