Trash & Treasure Christmas

Trash and Treasure Christmas Xmas

Christmas is a time of great consumption, and what better way to kick start your sustainable journey than hitting the local trash & treasure market. There is just ‘something’ about trawling through someone else’s bric-a-brac and the anticipation that comes with the discovery of a potential proverbial gold nugget.

Not only are there ecological benefits of taking one wo/mans trash and making it someone else’s treasure, but there are financial benefits too. If you have a big family, or simply a small budget, scouring your local trash and treasures will mean you can usually find something meaningful for less than half of what you would normally spend. It also means no one will be gifting the same thing and you could very well unearth something worth more than you know.

Make sure you take your Cutie Jutie reusable tote to carry all those treasures home to the Christmas Tree

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