Tox Free Spray

Alright all you attempt-to-be tox free-ers
I just made an easy spray cleanser that is light on the pocket, easy on the nose and good for your (personal) environment
Now i did attempt to re-use some spray bottles that had fabric stain remover in them, but after days of soaking and no-go on removing the chemical smell, I caved & bought a spray bottle – justified because I’ll have it forever – which i can now change the scent of each time i make a new batch.
Anyhoo, lets get to it!
Fill up your spray bottle to just before full
Put 1tsp of Bi-Carb per litre of water
A few drops of liquid castile soap (I used drbronnersnz organic)
Approx 10 drops of lemon or lavender or tea tree or any oil that has a disinfectant quality of your choice (i went with tea tree this winter)
Give it a good shake
Spray & wipe with a microfibre cloth
I got the Dr Bronners from my local organic store. As you only need a few drops it’ll last years.
I have included a picture of my Ceaserstone benchtop to show you the clean quality!
You’re welcome x

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