I’m Dreaming Of A Sustainable Christmas

I’m dreaming of a sustainable Christmas – and you can too.
There are so many ways to lower your Christmas footprint, and we wanted to share them with you so that you can make little changes year after year.
Re-use Christmas paper from last year. Putting all your opened wrapping in a clear container or ion your decorations box, will ensure that it isn’t in the way all year, and your wont forget to use it when you dig out your tree
Use solar powered lights for your outdoor decorations. We have solar lights around our tree’s and in our garden and they so convenient. The stars switch them on, and the sun switches them off.
Native floral decorations. A trip around your local park, forest floor or your own fallen garden foliage can be great places to find beautiful greens & florals for popping in recycled glass jars on the Christmas table. Gumnuts, dried Eucalyptus, Bottle Brush and fern leaves have a great contrast.
Use old Jute to make Christmas decorations. Did you know that our Cutie Jutie tote bags can be re-purposed into Angels or Christmas tree shaped decorations?
Make your own gifts, or scour the local Trash & Treasure. There’s nothing more sustainable than the love that comes from a handmade gift. You could even upcycle your second-hand finds and turn them into an heirloom.
Make your Boxing Day feast easy by getting creative with leftovers. There are some excellent recipes on the internet that incorporate all your Christmas leftovers, though you may have to re-make a pav (usually there is none leftover in this house!)
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